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  1. 大车搬运 + 一人:每小时65美元(最低2小时)
  2. 三吨大车搬运 + 两人:每小时85美元(最低2小时)
  3. 五吨大车搬运 + 三人:每小时135美元(最低2小时)
  4. 五吨大车搬运 + 四人:每小时170美元(最低2小时)



604-6188922 Zhang Wei


We provide different types of moving services, with multiple moving trucks available. Our employees are diligent, optimistic, and experienced, providing honest and reliable service. We offer services such as moving and delivery of goods, piano moving, container loading and unloading, and junk removal.

With many years of experience and professionalism, our services include moving and delivery of goods, piano moving, packing services, container loading and unloading, furniture assembly, long-distance and short-distance transportation, commercial transportation, DIY moving, and junk removal. Our vehicles are equipped with 3-ton, 5-ton, and 8-ton box trucks, electric lifts, furniture blankets, two-wheeled and four-wheeled dollies, straps, step stools, toolboxes, and more.

Hourly rates are as follows:

  1. Large truck moving + 1 person: $65 per hour (minimum 2 hours)
  2. 3-ton truck moving + 2 people: $85 per hour (minimum 2 hours)
  3. 5-ton truck moving + 3 people: $135 per hour (minimum 2 hours)
  4. 5-ton truck moving + 4 people: $170 per hour (minimum 2 hours)

Note: The clock starts upon arrival at the designated location. The minimum charge is for 2 hours, and after 2 hours, the fee is calculated in half-hour increments.

You have a warm home, and we provide you with exceptional service. Let’s embark on a different path together!

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