I employ a tailored approach to therapy, adapting various modalities according to each client’s specific requirements.

My primary objective is to foster positive transformations that enhance your daily functionality and enable a more engaged and fruitful lifestyle.

In addition to conventional massage methods like myofascial release, my treatments incorporate lymphatic drainage alongside visceral, neural, and vascular manipulation.

Massage Therapy Typically utilized to address issues such as postural imbalances, neck discomfort, post-surgery scarring, acute and chronic injuries, and injury prevention, massage therapy aims to promote positive changes for better daily functioning and an active lifestyle. As a massage therapist in North Vancouver, I focus on enhancing your well-being and productivity.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) Employing the Dr. Bruno Chikly method, lymphatic drainage therapy involves a gentle manual technique that boosts fluid circulation, cleanses body tissues, bolsters the immune system, and triggers the parasympathetic system to alleviate tension and spasms.

This light, hands-on approach encourages lymph vessel contractions, reducing excess water and protein and ultimately diminishing swelling and congestion.

LDT aids in rerouting lymph flow post-surgery, especially after lymph node removal or radiation treatment. It’s beneficial for chronic and acute swelling, pre- and post-surgical conditions, sports injuries, chronic sinusitis, breast congestion, numbness, and restricted movement due to scarring from radiation, incisions, or infection.

For individuals recovering from surgery, experiencing trauma, or diagnosed with lymphedema, LDT proves highly beneficial and effective.

Visceral, Neural, Vascular Manipulation Drawing from training at the Barral Institute, I employ a blend of visceral, vascular, and neural manipulation techniques to address tension patterns within the body’s fascial network.

These tension patterns, resulting from injury, surgical scars, illness, infection, diet, and posture, can have physical effects far removed from their original source due to fascial tension within the connective tissue. My techniques aim to alleviate these tensions for improved well-being.

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