Ant Moving 蚂蚁搬家

Ant Moving Government registered, a well-established moving company in Vancouver for over 10 years.

Services offered include residential and commercial moves, delivery services, professional piano moving, container loading and unloading. We handle furniture from IKEA, COSTCO, Canadian Tire, large items transportation, furniture assembly and disassembly, wall-mounted TV installation. We specialize in moving pianos, pool tables, junk removal, local and long-distance moves, including Vancouver Island, and self-service moves.


  1. Large truck with 2 movers + 4-ton truck: $120/hour
  2. Large truck with 3 movers + 4-ton truck: $160/hour
  3. Large truck with 4 movers + 2 trucks: $240/hour Note: Our company has a minimum charge of two hours, and any additional time is billed in half-hour increments. Gas fees may apply based on the distance of the move. Please make an appointment in advance.

*** Expert piano moving and furniture disposal *** Professional transportation of large fish tanks.

[Tips for Saving Money on Your Move]

  1. Reserve parking space for the moving truck in advance (consider truck length and ladder length).
  2. Apartment residents should book the elevator with the building administrator in advance.
  3. Pack small items in large boxes, and pack heavy items in smaller boxes with appropriate labeling. Clearly mark fragile items.
  4. Use large garbage bags for soft items to save space.

Feel free to contact us for inquiries! Tel: 778-885-6389 Eason


IKEA/COSTCO/Canadian Tire家具、大物件运送、拆装家具、壁挂电视


大车搬运3人+4吨卡车 $160/小时
注:1:本公司最低收费按两小时起,超过两小时按每半小时记算。根据搬运距离远近适当收取汽油费. 请提前预约。
*** 精搬钢琴、 清理旧家具***专业搬运大型鱼缸


欢迎来电垂询!Tel: 778-885-6389 Eason


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