Moving Companies

BC Movers

(604) 317-1986

1090 Homer Street suite 300, Vancouver, BC V6B 2W9, Canada

Mon - Sun 8am to 8pm

The Vancouver Moving Experts You’ve Been Looking For If you’re seeking a quick estimate for your local Vancouver move, try our convenient moving calculator. Are you a…Read More

Riff Moving & Storage Ltd.

(604) 299-5558

422 Richards Street #300, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4, Canada

Mon - Fri 7am to 8pm

Established over a decade ago, Riff Moving & Storage LTD is a reputable Canadian company dedicated to facilitating seamless and stress-free relocations for families and businesses in…Read More

Moving companies are numerous, but it’s difficult to find good movers. We are the best movers! Phone: 778-847-2299 Mr. Michael Email: 精捷搬运公司 is a government-registered legitimate…Read More

Real Pro Movers

(604) 600-8541

2150 E Hastings St ph21, Vancouver, BC V5L 0A5, Canada

Mon - Sun 7am to 11pm

At Real Pro Movers, our mission is to transform your moving day into a cherished memory, not just a good experience. We achieve this by upholding our…Read More

Smart Movers Burnaby


4720 Kingsway suite 2600, Burnaby, BC V5H 4J5, Canada

Mon - Sun 9am to 9pm

Smart Movers Canada is a professional relocation company that specializes in local and long-distance moving services across British Columbia. Established in 2000, Smart Movers Canada has built…Read More

HS Moving Services

(604) 377-6745

No 1 Rd & Francis Road, Richmond, BC, Canada

Mon - Sun 8am to 9pm

As a prominent leader in the Lower Mainland moving industry, we have established ourselves through extensive experience and an unwavering commitment to delivering first-class customer service. At…Read More

Sam’s Small Moves

(604) 720-2021

Mon - Sun 9am to 5pm

Welcome to Sam Small Moves Vancouver! We are a dedicated small moving company located in East Vancouver, specializing in small moves, mini moves, and single item transportation.…Read More

Robust Move

(604) 389-3333

71 West 2nd Avenue #167, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1B3, Canada

Mon - Sun 8am to 6pm

At Robust Move, we embarked on a mission to simplify the process of moving. We firmly believe that this exciting occasion should be hassle-free and enjoyable. Unfortunately,…Read More

Honest Moving Company Phone: (604)725-0388 Our company is a professional moving and logistics company registered and licensed by the government. We provide various types of trucks, including…Read More

Canadian Transshipment Company Residential Moving Shop Moving Long-distance Transportation Piano Moving Rubbish Removal Material Transport Agent Pickup Phone cell phone: 7782518877 Email E-mail: WeChat Li-liancheng Contact…Read More

Metro Vancouver Movers

604 970 2233

114 Donaghy Ave, North Vancouver, British Columbia V7P 2L5, Canada

Mon - Sun 6am to 7pm

Introducing Metro Vancouver Movers: Your Trusted Moving and Storage Solution As a registered and WorkSafe BC certified full-service moving company based in Burnaby, BC, Metro Vancouver Movers…Read More

Green’s Moving Solutions

(604) 561-2632

2438 Renfrew St, Vancouver, BC, Canada

9am - 5pm 7 days a week

Located in Vancouver, our moving company specializes in affordable yet top-notch professional moving services across the Lower Mainland, encompassing Richmond, New Westminster, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey, and the…Read More

Stay Classy Moving Limited

(778) 847-7717

6688 Willingdon Ave #301, Burnaby, BC V5H 2V8, Canada

Mon - Sat 7am to 7pm, Sun 9am to 5pm

Reliable and Efficient Moving Solutions for Your Needs Stay Classy Moving, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, is your go-to provider for a wide range of moving and…Read More

Secure Moving

(604) 500-3003

3786 Manor Street, Burnaby, BC, Canada

Mon to Sun 6am to 10pm

At Secure Movers, we take pride in our professional moving crews and our fleet of brand-new trucks, available in various sizes to cater to a wide range…Read More

鸿达搬运 – 多年经验,专业搬家,搬写字楼,精搬钢琴,垃圾清理。 组装家具,杂物处理,清洁。价格最平,留学生首选。778-712-8181。 <收费标准>: 一人搬运+卡车:50美元/小时(最低2小时起)。 两人搬运+卡车:65美元/小时(最低2小时起)。 三人搬运+卡车:90美元/小时(最低2小时起)。 注:到达顾客指定地点后开始计时,最低收费按照2小时起,超过两小时后,按每半小时计费。 多年经验,专业搬家服务。擅长搬运写字楼,垃圾清理,装卸货柜,拆装家具。我们认真负责,注重安全保护,价格最平,诚实守信。 我们精心搬运各类钢琴,包括上楼下楼,配备专业工具,拥有经验丰富的人员。我们保证一流的服务质量,把安全放在首位。 我们提供家具提货、送货、安装和摆放等一条龙服务。 我们专业从事垃圾清理,帮助您处理废旧家具和家电。 安全快捷、诚实可靠、服务大温地区已有十余年的经验。 24小时全天候服务!我们保证最低价格,不收取任何隐藏费用。我们保证一丝不苟,绝不拖延。 鸿达搬运是您正确的选择,我们期待为您提供最真诚的服务。 联系人:刘先生 联系电话:778-712-8181 微信:1285941221 Hong Da Moving – Years of Experience, Professional…

Proship Moving & Storage


1657 E 22nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V5N 2P3, Canada

Open 24 Hours

Welcome to ProShip Moving & Logistics, the trusted and affordable moving and logistics company in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland, British Columbia. With our highly qualified professional team, we…Read More


(604) 781-0297

4620 Sidney St, Vancouver, BC V5N 5N8, Canada

Mon - Fri 9am to 6:30pm, Sat 9am to 5pm, Sun 10am to 3pm

As an owner-operated business, we take personal pride in every move we undertake. Our company is dedicated to providing honest, reliable, and experienced moving services in Vancouver.…Read More

You Move Me Vancouver

(604) 774-7552

8331 Eastlake Dr, Burnaby, British Columbia V5A 4W2, Canada

Mon - Fri 8am to 6pm, Sat 9am to 5pm, Sun 9am to 3pm

MOVE WITH COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND You Move Me Vancouver is a locally owned and operated moving company that aims to eliminate the stress from your moving…Read More

Ferguson Moving & Storage

(604) 922-2212

Your Trusted and Professional Moving Solution! When it comes to buying a new house or setting up a new office, the process of moving can be overwhelming…Read More

Let’s Get Moving

(604) 238-1500

1277 E Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1W7, Canada

Mon - Fri 7am to 9pm, Sat - Sun 7am - 8pm

Let’s Make Your Move Happen! At Let’s Get Moving, our mission is to provide the best moving services in Vancouver, ensuring a stress-free relocation experience for our…Read More

Brothers Moving and Delivery Service Vancouver

(604) 720-0931

Brothers Moving and Delivery Service Vancouver, 4078 Knight St, Vancouver, BC V5N 5Y7, Canada

Mon - Fri 8am to 8pm, Sat 9am to 7pm, Sun 10am to 7pm

Fully insured, committed to safety, and environmentally conscious – that’s who we are! As your trusted local moving experts, we stand apart from the competition. While others…Read More

Accurate Moving Company


6221 Fleming St, Vancouver, BC V5P 3G7, Canada

Mon to Sun 7am to 6pm

PRECISION IN MOVING At Accurate Moving Company, we approach every move with meticulous attention. We come equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to ensure a…Read More

Home Run Movers

1 855-882-1982

1104 Clark Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Mon - Fri 9am to 6pm, Sat - Sun 10am to 6pm

Our approach to the game is guided by a few simple rules, which ensure a seamless and satisfactory experience for our customers: Punctual and Reliable We understand…Read More

Best Ever Movers

(778) 677-3111

Vital Cryotherapy Vancouver, 488 Drake St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5S9, Canada

Mon - Sun 8am to 10pm

Are you curious to learn more about our company? As you prepare to entrust us with the safety of your valuable belongings, it’s only natural to want…Read More

Micro Moves Inc.

(778) 380-0333

2853 E 15th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5M 2K4, Canada

Mon to Sat 8am to 8pm, Sun 10am to 3pm

In Vancouver, we stand out as a distinct company, focusing on small and efficient moving assignments. From condos to single item relocations and in-house moves, we offer…Read More

Highland Van & Storage Ltd.


8238 Swenson Way, Delta, BC V4G 1J6, Canada

Monday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Tuesday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Wednesday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Thursday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Saturday CLOSED Sunday CLOSED

Trusted Vancouver Moving Company with a Legacy Since 1969 For over five decades, we’ve nurtured our customers with a sense of kinship. Our Beginnings Back in 1969,…Read More

Good Brothers Moving 604 763 3968 Services offered: Moving, furniture disassembly and assembly, vacant house cleaning, loading and unloading of containers and shipping containers, especially for oversized…

1Pro Moving & Shipping Company Vancouver

(604) 721-4555

1Pro Moving & Shipping Company Vancouver, 2120 Kingsway #102, Vancouver, BC V5N 2T5, Canada

Mon - Sun 9am to 9pm

1 Pro Moving & Shipping embarked on its journey in 1998, driven by a revolutionary commitment to our esteemed customers. Our visionary founder, Tarek, recognized the unjust…

Get Movers Vancouver BC | Moving Company


5307 Victoria Dr unit 173, Vancouver, BC V5P 3V6, Canada

Mon - Fri 8am to 10pm, Sat and Sun 8am to 9pm

Since its establishment in 2008, GetMovers has steadily evolved into one of Canada’s premier moving companies. Our team of dedicated professional movers is committed to ensuring a…Read More



1661 Ontario St, Vancouver, BC V5Y 0C3, Canada

Mon - Fri 8am to 8pm, Sat - Sun 8am to 5:30pm

Trusted and Experienced Vancouver Moving Company For over 15 years, we have been the go-to choice for moving services in Vancouver. Our clients have placed their trust…Read More

配置和费用: 一人一车:50元起,每小时计费 两人一车:80元起,每小时计费 在繁忙时段,价格可能会适当调整 注: 最低收费为两小时 根据距离的远近,可能会额外收取返回费用 温馨提示: 如果您住在公寓楼,建议提前预订电梯 请提前将搬家物品和杂物打包好,以节省您的时间和金钱 由于工作繁忙,建议您尽量通过短信联系,谢谢! Configuration and Fees: One person, one vehicle: Starting at 50 dollars, billed per hour. Two persons,…

Jingle Bells Moving 牛牛搬家


2851 Simpson Road, Richmond, BC, Canada

Officially registered Canadian moving company, committed to creating the highest standards in the moving industry. Professional, trustworthy, efficient! Service Types: One-stop service, packing, moving, junk removal, storage…Read More

Skip Moving

(236) 518-2965

2588 Nanaimo St unit 313, Vancouver, BC V5N 5X1, Canada

Mon to Fri 8am to 8pm, Sat 9am to 7pm, Sun 10am to 3am

Skip Moving is a Vancouver-based company that takes great pride in serving the Metro Vancouver area since 2015. We specialize in a wide range of moving services,…Read More


(604) 299-5558

422 Richards Street #300, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4, Canada

Mon - Sun 7am to 8pm

Riff Moving & Storage LTD: Your Trusted Vancouver Moving Company Founded over a decade ago, Riff Moving & Storage LTD is a Canadian company driven by a…

Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving


2251 Number 5 Road, Richmond, BC V6X 2T1, Canada

WE’RE HERE TO MAKE YOUR MOVE EASIER Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving is a well-established Canadian professional moving company with over 40 years of experience.…Read More

Ding Ding Moving Company has been established for many years, and we take pride in being a top moving company in Vancouver and other areas. We are…Read More

光明搬运(604-728-8326)提供不同尺寸的货车搬运和送货服务,包括装卸货柜、清理杂物,并拥有多年经验的专业守时服务。 服务内容包括:各种尺寸的货车搬运和送货、精搬钢琴、代客包装、装卸货柜、组装家具、长途和短途运输、商业运输、自助搬家和杂物清理等。 车辆配备:3-5吨的箱式货车,配备电动升降设备,提供家具毛毯、手推车、板车、固定带、台阶踏板、工具箱等。 计时收费标准: 大车搬运 + 一人:每小时65元(最低2小时起) 大车搬运 + 两人:每小时90元(最低2小时起) 大车搬运 + 三人:每小时125元(最低2小时起) 大车搬运 + 四人:每小时165元(最低2小时起) 注:到达顾客指定地点后开始计时,最低收费为两小时,超过两小时按每半小时计费。月底、月初和月中的价格可能会适当上调。 本地搬运根据距离远近可能会额外收取油费。长途搬运费用根据里程和时间综合计算。 联系方式:604-728-8326,604-585-6128 搬家省钱窍门: 提前为搬家车辆预留附近的停车位。 公寓住户应提前向管理员预定电梯。 提前完成打包装箱工作。 此外,我们公司还提供建筑装修、墙体修复、理石台面安装、橱柜更换、室内外油漆、瓷砖地板、室内隔断、围墙建造、家具翻新和垃圾清运等服务。 Guangming Moving (604-728-8326)…

Let’s Move Moving and Delivery

(778) 889-5518

5978 Wilson Ave, Burnaby, BC V5H 2R6, Canada

Mon to Sun 7am to 8pm

Introducing LET US MOVE, a locally owned and operated business located in Burnaby. We proudly serve as the premier destination in Greater Vancouver for certified, licensed, and…Read More

John Q Moving


Fraser Highway, Surrey, BC V4N 0X9, Canada

John Q Moving is a family-owned and operated moving company located in Surrey, BC, serving residential and commercial clients in the Greater Vancouver area. Founded in 2012,…Read More

Ant Moving Government registered, a well-established moving company in Vancouver for over 10 years. Services offered include residential and commercial moves, delivery services, professional piano moving, container…Read More

604-6188922 张伟 604-6136085 我们提供不同类型的搬家服务,拥有多辆搬家货车供您选择。我们的员工勤奋、乐观、经验丰富,为您提供真诚可靠的服务。我们提供搬家送货、钢琴搬运、货柜装卸和杂物清理等服务。 多年经验和专业素质,我们的服务包括搬家送货、钢琴搬运、包装服务、货柜装卸、家具组装、长途和短途运输、商业运输、自助搬家和杂物清理等。我们的车辆配备有3吨、5吨和8吨箱式货车,电动升降设备,家具毛毯,手推车,四轮板车,固定带,踏板和工具箱等。 收费标准如下: 大车搬运 + 一人:每小时65美元(最低2小时) 三吨大车搬运 + 两人:每小时85美元(最低2小时) 五吨大车搬运 + 三人:每小时135美元(最低2小时) 五吨大车搬运 + 四人:每小时170美元(最低2小时) 注意:到达指定地点后开始计时,最低收费为2小时,超过2小时按每半小时计费。 您拥有温馨的家,我们为您提供非同寻常的服务。让我们一起走在不一样的道路上吧! 604-6188922 Zhang Wei 604-6136085 We provide different…