About Us

EADing Group Inc. is the top-notch, user friendly digital information technology company focused on creating and sharing the top of the line technologies that help define our future. The company focus on bringing in front state of the art, outstanding technologies that will help push the boundaries and innovate in a variety of different industries.

We are bringing in a variety of technologies like AI, crypto, online marketplaces, search engines, internet intelligence and optical communication. We want to make it easy for brands to access innovative, intelligent and dependable solutions that will help them grow.

Our team is committed to providing you with world-class services and features, and we aim to extend and expand our services at the highest possible level. With our help, you can finally access technologies focused on life innovation, internet intelligence, growth and value.

We are firm believers that success comes to those that work hard to fulfill those goals.


Danny  Chen, Chairman
Ping Chan, CEO
Marcus Lim, President
Richard Tom, General Manager
Jennifer Huang, Sr Enterpise Manager
Dennis Estrada, Software Engineer
Stephen So, Manager